PureSafe Preparedness Service Program (PSP)

PureSafe Water Inc. is dedicated to insuring that the PureSafe First Response Water System is always ready when needed. First Time Every Time™ PSWS insures complete satisfaction and functionality:

  • The First Response Water System (FRWS) is factory tested prior to shipping and transporting to the customer’s site. A quality control (QC) checklist and a complete inventory of all components are included (i.e. hoses, chemicals, test kit, and documentation of overall physical condition).
  • The customer is responsible for inspection of the system upon arrival to insure there is no visible damage, or abnormalities. Any inconsistencies should be reported to PureSafe immediately.
  • PureSafe provides an authorized Factory Trained Technician at no cost*, to visit your location for the initial installation. During this visit the technician will train your operators; perform set up; make any final adjustments; run the system; review the quality control checklist; and validate the factory warranty. This process insures that all designated personnel and operators can operate, troubleshoot, and shut down the FRWS, and can handle repair and part replacements with telephone or online support from PureSafe Technicians.
  • The system design allows all major components to be easily removed and replaced should there be an unexpected failure. PSWS Inc. maintains an extensive inventory of parts to insure quick reliable shipping of most components within 24 hours. PureSafe has insured that only top quality components from reputable suppliers are used in the system. PureSafe will replace (at no charge) any defective components, provided that the system has been operated, stored, and maintained according to the guidelines specified in the system operations and maintenance manuals.
  • PureSafe provides technical support available by telephone or on-line to answer any customer support or technical procedures.
  • PureSafe will, periodically, review and update component parts of the FRWS. At PureSafe’s discretion, the engineering department may send a part for replacement (with instructions for installation and return of the original component). PureSafe will replace any part that malfunctions, shipping the replacement item, and instructing the customer’s technician on installation as needed. If there is a structural defect or electrical malfunction, PureSafe will attempt to resolve the problem with the customer technician. If not possible, PureSafe will authorize the use of a local professional and reimburse fees up to a limit.
  • PureSafe has a comprehensive service and maintenance program designed around our “First Time Any Time” concept. This program includes two (2) on-site training and live testing visits per year, and 1 telephone-supported live testing event, along with monthly bump test reminders, and data collection on all runs to be archived by PureSafe. Your system will be assigned to one individual service technician to insure continuity in communications. Filters wetted during testing will be replaced, critical ORP monitors will replaced on an 18 month schedule, membranes will be cleaned or replaced prior to the 36 month mark, all at no additional charge* to the agency or company as it is included in the PSP. This is a 3 year comprehensive program designed to insure 100% preparedness.
  • PureSafe, on notice of deployment for an event, will have a technician available for 24/7 phone support during the deployment. If required this technician will be ready to deploy to the site if the situation warrants their presence on site.

(This descriptive report does not necessarily represent the full details or specifics of the PSP. It is intended to present an accurate overview of the PureSafe PSP in order to facilitate the exchange of information.)

 * Travel and expenses are included for units located in the continental United States; international travel and expenses are not included.


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